Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Richmor converts to iPad, digital cockpit documentation system

Hudson NY – Richmor Aviation, a jet management and executive jet charter operator based here and in Schenectady, New York, has become the first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved on-demand charter operator in New York’s Tech Valley to have iPad, digital, in-cockpit documentation systems. They were also approved to use the tablets for all company manuals, FAA air carrier operation specifications, and company compliance policies and safety standards. Although making it seem an easy thing to do, the reworking of all operation specs took the company close to 24 months to re-tool and get FAA certification.

“With the click of a mouse, we removed 100 pounds of books from our charter aircraft,” said Richmor Director of Operations Jim Marks.

With the transition to a paperless cockpit, specifications on each flight, passenger manifests, destinations and other flight details were turned into digital form.

This conversion also allows Richmor pilots to digitally view all enroute navigation charts, frequencies, minimum safe altitudes, and courses to be flown. The pilots now receive all updates to this safety critical information, digitally as soon as it is available. Weather briefings that are received digitally can be updated with the tap of an icon so the pilots have the most current enroute and destination weather.

“When the weather is down in Albany due to fog moving in off the Mohawk River, do your really want the pilot using outdated information because the paper revision is home in the mailbox,” said Marks.

“The ability to dynamically receive these updates is a tremendous enhancement to flight safety.”

“This conversion has completely streamlined our operations and has put critical data at the pilots fingertips fast. This makes our cockpit resource management functions simpler, making us safer as well,” said Marks.

“Previously we used twelve, 2” thick, black books in the cockpits with analogue information on all regional, national, and international airports into which we fly,” said Marks, himself a pilot of Richmor’s Beechjet 400A, a seven seat luxury jet that Richmor uses to take clients to destinations in Canada, the Caribbean and throughout the US.

“For over 40 years we have been committed to providing the highest level of customer service and safety to our passengers. This transition is an extension of that commitment. It allow us to keep our passengers in motion, saving them time, while increasing safety.”

Some of the most notable leaders in sports, entertainment, finance, hospitality, and other businesses use Richmor Aviation to manage their jet aircraft and arrange time-critical charter flights and concierge services to expedite their travel.

According to Marks, this conversion is just one in a series of activities Richmor undertakes to equip and maintain their aircraft for the surest standard of safety, luxury and speed – worldwide.